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Chalmers University of Technology
Gothenburg, Sweden




Radio camera for OSO 20 m antenna, 7 channels, fix-tuned SIS mixers, SSB, 85-115 GHz. Status: Ongoing Please see pictures of the hardware at our SISYFOS Project page.

ODIN: Astronomy & Aeronomy Satellite successfully launched by START1 rocket February 20, 2001, from Svobodny, Russia

Status: Still on the orbit and works fine for 7 years!  (see news here!). Goals of ODIN Project: please look at the ODIN home page at the Swedish Space Corporation.
ODIN integration and optics (responsibility of GARD): Steve Torchinsky' Odin Web-Site

ESA “Herschel Space Observatory” (formally FIRST: Far Infra-Red and Submillimetre Telescope)

European Space Agency confirmed Herschel as a corner stone mission with provisional launch date 2007. Our work for FIRST is within European HIFI group that is forming European Consortium to build Heterodyne Instrument (HET).
There is an uppdated website about the project in the GARD group. This website descibes the GARD part of the project.
We start work on creating advanced set-up for mm and submm beam measurements, which will be part of HIFI mixer development program.

Please, look at HET IF Notes.  This is something about the limitation in SIS IF band and though it was written in March 1997 people might find it useful.

ALMA Site Testing

183 GHz radiometer web page & ALMA site testing Data.

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